Reopening Policy & Guidelines

Reopening Policy & Guidelines:

Spark Community Center’s Reopening Health & Safety Policy and Guidelines

All employees, volunteers, caregivers and participants will have their temperature taking, be asked Covid-19 related questions, and must wear masks and hand sanitize before finding their seat six feet away from others within the Center.

COVID-19 Questions that will be asked:

  1. Are you feeling sick or have you in the past 14 days? (cold/cough, fever, headache, difficulty breathing)
  2. Have you been around anyone with COVID-19 symptoms within the past 14 days?
  3. Have you traveled outside of NH or VT within the past 14 days?

**** If yes to any of the questions, visitor cannot enter the Center and staff shall recommend that they check in with their health provider and/or quarantine for 14 days. ****

Please call 603-678-8619 or email with any questions.